Dreadlocks Are Entangled With Beliefs About Danger In Nigeria


And it is not always positive focus. Many Nigerians, irrespective of their status and education, see dreadlocked men too hazardous. The hairstyle occasionally even receives a violent response.

This prejudice is suspended in traditional spiritual myths and beliefs, particularly those of the Yoruba and Igbo men and women. https://pandakasino.com/lotus-4d/

My publication on the symbolism of dreadlocks at Yoruba land attempts to describe what knotted hair means to Yoruba people, and where those thoughts come from. Numbering approximately 40 million, Yoruba individuals mostly occupy southwestern Nigeria. From the diaspora, they’re significantly within the USA, Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, and the Caribbean.

An Affront To Society Orderliness

A favorite term used by Yoruba people to explain dreadlocks is “a crazy individual’s hair”. The speech also has an idiom that reveals how folks feel about insanity. (What’s the cure for insanity?) And receive the answer, “egba ni ogun have been” (whip is your cure for insanity).

Mentally disturbed individuals often wear dreadlocks because of fail. As they’re unpredictable, they are avoided since they roam the roads, and occasionally defeated. Their knotted hair reveal disharmony with the neighborhood; being unkempt and unruly, they’re seen as an affront to social standard of orderliness.

Mature men with dreadlocks are seen equally. They’re perceived as dangerous and volatile. Thus, they are connected with the jungle; uncultivated and unruly. In traditional Yoruba and Igbo worldview, unkempt hair really is comparable to the woods — cryptic, dark, and also to be avoided.

There are exceptions: athletes and musicians that use these hairstyles are “tolerated” since they’re presumed to be imagining a character that matches their own brand. Basically, theirs is a temporary trend statement. And since they’re successful and famous, they are protected from attacks on the roads.

Dark And Terrifying By Convention

They return in the community with unnatural forces, odd mannerisms, and occasionally knotted hair. Since they oppose the spiritual and physical worlds, it’s thought they can differentiate the fate of the others and can negatively affect them.

These knotted-haired men and women are averted, more so when their dreadlocks are greying since “normal” mature Igbo and Yoruba men shave their heads entirely they cut their hair quite short. Deviating hairstyles have been viewed suspiciously.

Unlike mature men, kids born with knotted hair are admired and recognized as a gift of the gods rather than a product of the crazy. Dada is reported to be among those deified Yoruba kings.

Children-dada are thought to function as religious beings and descendants of their gods by virtue of the dreadlocks. Therefore, their hair isn’t to be dressed and may only be touched with their own moms. They’re celebrated.

Their time in the world is unique. It’s marked by particular rites that specify various stages of life. In almost all circumstances, their hair is shaved prior to puberty so as to incorporate them in the community. The shaving ritual occurs in a river, in which the shaved head is washed. The trimming hair is subsequently kept in a bud containing medicinal water and oils in the river. The mixture is thought to possess curative properties and necessary when they fall sick.

The youngster is still recognized as mysterious and special but has become incorporated into society. The visible indication of the spirituality is no more present. Any grownup, so, who wears their dreadlocks is deemed to have been possessed by evil forces, or chose to do this malevolently; in case, hazardous.

Challenges To The Civilization

Despite their negative relationships, dreadlocks improved in Nigeria’s spiritual and popular cultures in the 1960s. Itinerant priests of the Celestial Church of Christ look in white dresses and knotted hair. The famed musician and gifted artist from Osogbo, Twin Seven Seven, performed on television and stage along with his dreadlocks and white dress. He had been the only survivor of seven (believed a mysterious amount in Yoruba heritage) sets of twins.

Yoruba land gets the highest speed of twins on the planet. Twins are thought to be spiritual beings, therefore they’re also respected and celebrated. Being a twin, using knotted hair, also just wearing white clothing (such as the god or gods), additional mystified Twin Seven-Seven in popular creativity and fanciful tales about him disperse. By way of instance, it was stated he was raised from the woods by religious beings, thus his creative creativity and hairstyle.

From the 1970s and 80s, other Nigerian musicians such as Majek Fashek were motivated by the popularity of Jamaican reggae artists to start styling their hair the exact same manner.

With these exceptions, most adults with hair thinning hair are judged deviant beings that have become conduits for wicked. As it’s tough to distinguish between adults sporting dreadlocks as style statement from people with “wicked dreadlocks”, individuals either hail out of them or attack them from fear and self preservation.